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Murray magic at Shannons cycle centre

Local businesswoman Carol Walker of Shannons Cycle Centre on Boroughbridge Road really supports cycling in the city. She was therefore very happy to present July prize winner Peter Murray, with a £50 voucher to spend in her shop.

Peter had read about the i-Travel York project in the York Press and thought it was a great idea. “Luckily, I was on holiday at home when the Travel Advisers visited our street,” he explained.  “I like to keep fit and healthy.  I bought my bicycle about four years ago through a workplace scheme but during the bad weather I had slipped back into the habit of driving to work. The i-Travel York Adviser gave me some really useful information and my ‘challenge’ to cycle to work for a week was the extra incentive I needed to get back on my bike.  I would really encourage others to speak to an Adviser to see what help they could offer them.”  

This summer, the i-Travel York project has provided over 2000 residents with personalised travel information and incentives to help them try out a more sustainable and healthy transport option.