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Lee walks his way to free York Passes

Taking an i-Travel York Challenge really paid off for Lee Kendrick of Conningham Avenue in Rawcliffe, whose walk to the centre of York and back has won him two York Passes!

Chatting to two of our Travel Advisers who awarded him his prize, Lee said: “I normally get the bus into town and back which takes about an hour” but, after speaking to an Adviser, he thought he could try walking for the journey. “It was pretty tiring!” he jested, “but it made me realise how close town actually is.”

After completing his Challenge, Lee was keen to move onto a Just 30 Challenge to try and walk more frequently for a week. “With weather like this, there’s really no excuse!” he laughed, saying that he never noticed there was such good scenery nearby until recently, and that he’s keen to use his pedometer for his Just 30 Challenge.

Day to day, he’ll be commuting to work on the bus, and says that “the dream” would be to improve his skills until he is cycling into York regularly.  In the meantime, he’s “really chuffed” with his prize, and thinks that i-Travel York is on the right path to improving congestion in the city.

Walking or cycling are perfect ways to fit 30 minutes of physical activity into your day, as recommended by health professionals, in order to maintain general levels of fitness and health.

For more ideas and information on walking or cycling to keep fit and active see our Walking for Leisure and Cycling for Leisure pages.

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