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Helen’s new start with i-Travel York

With the rising costs of car ownership and a change in personal circumstances, Helen Brown needed to find a cheaper alternative to get around York.  Like many people who rely on their cars, she didn’t know where to start with public transport, and as a result she and her children found themselves becoming less active and going out less.  Luckily for her, Helen spoke to one of our i-Travel York Advisers at a community event, who was able to talk her through different travel options, as well as issuing her with a free AllYork taster ticket for the bus and challenging her to use it for a week to see how she got on.

Since then, Helen says, her life has been transformed because of access to a regular bus service and she is now able to go out more.  The family really enjoyed completing this summer’s Green Explorer challenge together to visit tourist attractions using the bus, bike or on foot, and commented that it had been really easy because the i-Travel York Adviser had explained the different bus routes so well to them.

Having someone to speak to face-to-face was something Helen found especially beneficial, as it meant she could get information that was relevant to her needs that she might not have known how to find otherwise.

Helen and her family are now also keen cyclists, using their bikes for leisure as well as to get to school and back. Helen loves cycling by the river and was pleased to learn that it’s possible to go a lot further along York’s cycle paths than she had ever realised, saying “last week I cycled to Fulford for the first time – I didn’t realise you could go all the way along!”